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YouTubers, Don't worry about copyright strikes as this is all new music exclusively for iomods by artists at Battle of the Bits.

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Battle of the Bits

Battle of the Bits (BotB for short) is a friendly online community where people come together with the spirit of competition in the digital arts. BotB features RPG elements where BotBrs (the site users) earn different point types based on their activity which decides their character class at level ups. Although the focus is mostly music, BotB hosts a wide variety of formats including pixel art, html, and custom Doom maps.  

The site itself has been running for almost 11 years. It has hosted almost 3,000 battles resulting in over 20,000 entries of original content. With currently over 50 formats to battle over, BotB hopes there is something for everyone interested or willing to join!

Compilation albums available on our bandcamp.
Compilation albums available on bandcamp.